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Friday, 20 April 2018

Italy In April - Sanbenedetto Del Tronto

So I went to Italy again to visit my Italian family - a treat for which I will always be extremely grateful. For me going to a place like Italy is like transporting myself into a 3 dimensional picture and everywhere I look there are elements which look like an artist said:

"OK so to make this scene really special - we need to place a snow capped mountain in the background just to the left of that wooden building right about there! Oh and lets go a little deeper with the colors to give a big picture feel to the whole scene, which is exactly what is needed at this time of the year"

God's work no doubt!" and it really does feel that way!

Immersing myself in this picture allowed me to feel a deeper sense of what it is to be alive. The sense of serenity & peacefulness is breathtaking. I only hope I have bean able to capture a glimpse into the experience that is Italy In April 2018.

These are some images that I think go some way in capturing some special moments.


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